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Historical Monuments in Raichur

Raichur, as we all know carries a lot of history and architecture work within itself, but what are these monuments and where can the been seen? Are they all put on display for everyone to view and enjoy? Of course they are, Raichur’s monuments are its prized possessions, and aren’t restricted from been displayed or witnessed by others.

Famous Historical Monuments of Raichur

Raichur Fort

The Raichur fort is one of the main attractions of the district. Built in around the 1200’s, the Raichur fort is a firm and well equipped structure. Having a double rowed wall built around it, the fort is strong and hence has withheld years of calamities. But the most interesting part about the fort isn’t just its structure or the architectural work behind it. The most exclusive art about the fort is the fact that, it has been built over a hill (roughly 88meters high).

The fort is also known for its 41 feet stone carvings, which contains pictures and inscriptions in Telugu. Containing 5 huge gates on each side of the fort, namely – “Mecca Darwaza”, “Naurangi Darwaza”, “Kati Darwaza”, “”Khandak Darwaza”, and “Doddi Darwaza”. The fort also contains inscriptions in Persian and Arabic languages, hinting that communication to a bigger world did occur.

Famous monument in Raichur

Aam Talab

With the Aam-Talab placed towards the south-western locality of Raichur, the lake spans across an area of 150 acres roughly. Being constructed during the presence of the “Kakatiya Dynasty” in the late 1294 A.D, the Aam-Talab was constructed when Raichur’s fort walls were being constructed. Also known as “Mavinakere”, the lake is usually flooded with tourists waiting to take a boat ride around this famously known area.

The Aam-Talab has now become a picnic spot for families and travellers to stop by, grab some snacks, and just enjoy the scenery. On the flip side, the lake has managed to prove itself as a beneficial factor for ground water purposes. The lake is also seen as an alternative for farmers’ in-terms of irrigational needs. With the water catering to different farms surrounding the lake, the output and production is never reduced even in the harshest of climates in Raichur.

Raichur Historical Monument

Jami Masjid

The Jami Masjid falls under one of the religious monuments in Raichur. Being one of the biggest mosques in the city, the Jami Masjid is a beautifully sculptured monument. Being the hub for the Muslims present in Raichur, the Jami Masjid displays an art in itself. Tourists usually flock in to observe the craftsmanship of the people from the dynasty.

Religious Monument in Raichur

So the next time you drop by Raichur, make sure you visit these famous places that are just oozing with history to share. And get up and close to the really beauty of Raichur.

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