Healthcare in Raichur

Healthcare in Raichur

Raichur has a fairly good number of hospitals and health care centres within the heart of the city. It is reported that there are about 40 primary health centres in the district. However, the condition of these hospitals and health centres is not up to date and many have already been shut. One of the examples that stands out is the complete negligence of the government to continue Rajiv Gandhi super-specialty hospital. A few years back Rajiv Gandhi Super-specialty Hospital was opened to provide affordable healthcare facilities to the people of the town and the surrounding area. But it was shut down in the year 2012 after ten years of service when the Govt. failed to renew the contract with Apollo Hospitals. This was a great loss to the residents of Raichur and its neighbouring villages. Even after two years the entire infrastructure stands wasted on the plot and what comes as a shock is that there are no plans to restart it.

The condition of rural areas in the district is even more distressing where due to lack of ignorance and improper healthcare facilities many children suffer from malnourishment. But with the recent intervention of the state government and new programs, it is hoped that the health of these children would improve.

For most of the medical needs, today people visit the Raichur District Civil Hospital or Navodaya Medical College. Out of the two hospitals, Navodaya is doing a good job in providing medical facilities to the people of Raichur with state of the art medical facilities and a hygienic environment. Although the treatment is satisfactory in the District Civil Hospital, the campus is not well maintained and hygiene is a big issue.

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